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  Outstanding all areas 2013-14


Riverview Kindergarden

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Riverview Kindergarden

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                 Outdoor Fun!!


Outdoor play areas attached to each playroom

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See what Ofsted said.....

Children are exceptionally well cared for in this warm and inviting, interesting and vibrant setting.Staff are highly skilled at meeting their emotional and physical needs and support their well-being very effectively. Children form strong attachments with their key worker. 2014

They encourage children to be involved in group activities with a twist, to inspire them and fire their imaginations. 2014

Children absolutely love the time they spend in the setting and are excited and motivated to learn. 2014

All children make outstanding progress from their starting point and are well prepared for school, when the time comes . 2014

Children with additional needs make rapid progress, and are extremely well supported by the special needs co-ordinator . 2014

Partnership with parents are exceptional. Parents are viewed as partners in learning, are extremely well informed about their children's progress, input into planning and assessments and support learning at home.  2014

The blue room for children aged 36 to 60 months

Our blue playroom offers a colourful, stimulating environment which, along with support from our skilled staff, provide daily opportunities for children to develop:

Exploration and imagination

Concentration and perseverance

Positive relationships

School "readiness" skills

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The green room for children aged 24 to 36 months

Our green room is a cosy and secure playroom, with experienced and responsive staff. We focus on a child's emerging needs and interests. We provide a range of adult led and child led activities daily, and have our own outdoor area perfect for toddlers needs. We promote a sense of belonging through close and secure relationships.

Our nurture room supports Double click to insert title text here ...

Our philosphy is a learning inquiry based approach to teaching and learning.

To provide the children with imaginary scenarios built around life experiences or factual and fictional stories, intertwined with the EYFS learning goals.

Thus promoting understanding, imagination, curiosity, involvement, decision making and critical thinking.

Promoting children to be active in their own learning and the educators seen as participants in this process, scaffolding developing and reinforcing learning.

Encouraging children to progressively work towards a stronger understanding and ultimately, greater independence in the learning process.

The outdoors has more to offer than physical development, that is why at riverview children we have constant access to outdoor play. Come rain or shine !!!!!!


The kindergarden operates a key adult sytem.

Which ensures that each child's learning and care is tailored to meet their individual needs. We encourage a partnership approach to learning between kindergarden and home.

Nurture Room

A lovely sensory space for children to have somewhere quiet and relaxing to play.


Learning through Play

The Dentist

Sam's Sunflower